Do I Really Need Life Insurance?

life insurance

Life Insurance Can Help With:

-Making mortgage or rent payments

-Providing an income to your family

-Final expenses

-Transferring an inheritance to your loved ones

-Paying estate or inheritance taxes and costs

-Business continuation


As your personal situations change (marriage, birth of a child or job promotion), so will your life insurance needs.


Which plan should you get? Term Life Insurance VS Permanent Life Insurance


Term Life Insurance

Offers financial protection for your temporary needs. While these policies do not build cash value, they do offer:

– Maximum protection for a low price

– Level payments for a specific period of time

– The ability to convert to permanent life insurance if your needs change


Permanent Life Insurance

There are a variety of permanent life insurance options available to help meet your needs, including whole life and universal life insurance.

– Whole Life Insurance: Level premiums over the entire life of the policy. Guaranteed cash value accumulation. Potential for excess interest credits in some policies.

– Universal Life Insurance: Cash value grows at an interest rate set quarterly. Flexible¬†and death benefits based on your policy’s minimums and maximums.

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