Renter’s Insurance

I often tell people about the protection renters insurance provides against lightning, theft, vandalism and other events. I also remind them of where their responsibility ends and their landlord’s begins when it comes to protecting their home.


Help your residents protect their homes.

Your residents rely on you for good information. Telling them about the importance of renters insurance is one way to show you care. They may never need the protection provided by renters insurance, but it’s nice to know it’s there for them and their family, just in case. With¬†renters insurance, members can rest easy knowing their precious possessionsare protected if they are damaged, stolen or destroyed. It’s affordable protection that helps in case of an event like:

Fire and lightning, Vandalism, Falling objects, Hailand windstorm, Theft at residence, Smoke, Accidental electrical damage to appliances


Here are three reasons why renters insurance is good to have:


  1. Renters insurance can help protect residents’ belongings if they’re damaged, stolen or destroyed. And when they add brand new belongings, we’ll replace their stolen or destroyed items in their homes with brand-new versions
  2. Renters insurance may cover damage caused to others and their belongings in a resident’s home
  3. Loss of use coverage can help residents pay for additional living expenses resulting from being unable to live in their home due to a covered loss.



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